This company mails us a letter of award of winning $1,200,000.00 plus an additional $50,000.00 cash prize we only have to send in a $19.99 report fee for the release of my GUARANTEED CASH no such luck with us, this is a scam, if ever you win any moniess you don't have to pay anything to recieve it can you imagine one million people sending the fee in and the money they have scammed off of hard working people? I've been scammed before and now more than ever these awards are in my mailbox every day and go straight to the shredder. Customer BEWARE!!!!!!


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I am getting tons of these i have interted a few of them but everyday there are many many more uhgg i iam a single mom who got hurt at work im a hospice girl ...i was so excited to see i won something ...

guess not thank you for just saving me 200 or more in money ...this is sooooo horrible i can't believe this:(


Yes I received a letter I sent them $20 I've heard nothing back from them. they sent another one saying that I won three million dollars, I sent them $20 again and I still have not received anything but more letter's asking for more money, it is definitely a scam please beware, save your $20.00


I'm going through the same thing right now and I be so tempted to send send money again I've sent money twice and the 2nd money order was 20 and I sent it through express but the first one I sent was also 20 dollars

Hearne, Texas, United States #947759

I just received the same letter stop no one send money if they have won anything. Wynfel Advisory Services P.O. Box 8035 Huntington, NY 11746, Artemis Poletski President


FBI needs to find to whom belongs PO Box 8035 at address Huntington Station, NY 11746-9035 and immediately to arrest so-called Mr. Mark Wynfel



I got The same thing why can't we get the FBI to arrest this basterd and put them where they belong. Behind Bars. I was thinking about going to my bank and signing for a tracker check to send and bust these people but I need support FBI won't listen to a single individual and since I havn't actually sent the money I can't even report it as a scam even though thats exactly what it is.

to No one Important #744077

I jsut read down further to what "Just Saying" has posted and they are right but its still a set up for a scam regardless of how legit it may be.they were carefull on how they worded it to make it sound as one thing but worded just right so that they can't be held accountable for anything.

but I have received several other letters over the last 2 years and some of they streight up say you won and want you to pay some kind of fee for the money to be released. or my personal favorite.

the letter from an unknown relitive that left you in their will that your the only remaining surviving relitive they could track down.lots of *** but won't no one do anything about it.


thanx just recieved same letter. i knew it was tooo good to b true


I just received the letter stating I am entitled to receive 1,2000,000 in cash as reported in Digest of Entrant Procedure Directives now pending release.. It's a scam!


I just received the letter also. Thanks for the inputs. I receive a couple of scams a week

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