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I am sick of these lies about winning and all the fees they ask for I have received over 26 letters with in two months and I have not received no money one of them said I had already won in October, anf still nothing. Add comment

I't constantly amazes me how these "idiots" continue to play on peoples gullibility. Why don't they put that brain to work to do something honest for a change. If i'm eligible to win a million dollars, i don't think sending $20 to these parasites is gonna make a difference. They 'er not sweepstake sponsons or "anything" ,what do they do for $20 anyway...Wynfel Advisory Sevices if this is your... Read more

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My father who is 81 is convinced that he is the winner in this sweepstakes and after looking online it appears to be a scam. I always tell him why would you have to send money in to win millions. Many older Americans want to believe in this especially my parents generation. They don't think people are out to get your money. Do not send anymore of your *** to their house. He wanted me to... Read more

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i received a letter from this place and told me I had won money but had to pay for it ,This is a scam please everyone that gets a letter from these people do not send money and I am goiing to give this to My brother that works for the FBI and have it looked into they should be arrested for doing this to people. it makes it bad for honest companies I am so mad i can not write any more I cannot... Read more

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I received a letter asking for $19.99, to send in so i can be on the list to win,,$1,200,000.00, in cash and awards, my name is pending matter registered on file with an id number and release to me fully by sending inthe cash!! Are you kidding me,,,??? This is a scam if i evr saw one, the sell your name to several comanies just like them and use you "us" to make millions for them,,, I want to... Read more

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This bull *** need to stop. Someone see opportunity to play on the poor man intelligence during these hard economic time. A Matter of Available Award letter was sent to me recommending i send in $19.99 to be eligible to win over a million plus sum dollars and prizes. No phone number to contact anyone the need to be arrested for false adverting and mental anguish. Now i need to enter 100 words to... Read more

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Best part about this bloodsucking scam of charging you a fee to get your check for a couple million is that paying the 19.99 once sucked out ALL of the other SCAMS of the earth. We should start a class action suit against all of them, find where they live and take everything they own. SLAM THE SWEEPSTAKES SCAMMERS! Here they are: Wynfel Advisory Services (PO Box 8035, Huntington Station,... Read more

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This company mails us a letter of award of winning $1,200,000.00 plus an additional $50,000.00 cash prize we only have to send in a $19.99 report fee for the release of my GUARANTEED CASH no such luck with us, this is a scam, if ever you win any moniess you don't have to pay anything to recieve it can you imagine one million people sending the fee in and the money they have scammed off of... Read more

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