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I have also received an award letter saying that I have won 1,200,000.00 and am additional 50,000.00 if I respond in 12 days with my $19.99 report fee! Read more

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Just got another registered document. Thanks for opening my eyes to this scam. Add comment

My 95 year old mother have been receiving these so called official letters and have been sending $19.99 everytime she receives these documents. She almost made plane tickets to receive her million. These scams have to be stopped. At this time she has over 50 letters saying that she had won the lottery and now have lost thousands of dollars for the processing fees. The government is aware of these... Read more

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Î received a letterryocm this company with a special invitation included telling me I had won 1.2 million dollars and all I had to do was send $19.99 report fee. Plus they invited me to Waldorf Astoria, all expenses paid; to celebrate winning and possibly meet the chairman in person: Mark Wynfel. Do not fall for this scam. I get three or four of these a week. They all claim that you have won... Read more

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I received a letter that uplifted me! I won 1.2 million dollars! Can i really get it! Sure would help my family members and friends! Add comment

I am sick of these lies about winning and all the fees they ask for I have received over 26 letters with in two months and I have not received no money one of them said I had already won in October, anf still nothing. Add comment

I't constantly amazes me how these "idiots" continue to play on peoples gullibility. Why don't they put that brain to work to do something honest for a change. If i'm eligible to win a million dollars, i don't think sending $20 to these parasites is gonna make a difference. They 'er not sweepstake sponsons or "anything" ,what do they do for $20 anyway...Wynfel Advisory Sevices if this is your... Read more

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My father who is 81 is convinced that he is the winner in this sweepstakes and after looking online it appears to be a scam. I always tell him why would you have to send money in to win millions. Many older Americans want to believe in this especially my parents generation. They don't think people are out to get your money. Do not send anymore of your *** to their house. He wanted me to... Read more

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i received a letter from this place and told me I had won money but had to pay for it ,This is a scam please everyone that gets a letter from these people do not send money and I am goiing to give this to My brother that works for the FBI and have it looked into they should be arrested for doing this to people. it makes it bad for honest companies I am so mad i can not write any more I cannot... Read more

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